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Personal Information 

When you shop at website, we will save some of your personal details for the fulfillment of your purchase. Our company treats all personal information with strict confidentiality. If you request to have access to all your personal information to have it changed or remove, please simply contact our company. Please note that our website also uses cookies to improve your experience using the website. 

Confirmation of Purchase 

Upon receiving your order, will send to your email address an electronic invoice to confirm your purchase. It is strictly important that you provide your correct email address when you place your order for confirmation of your order.  Your email address is also important for facilitating contact with our customer service in the future. At the same time, the order confirmation serves as your proof of purchase. 

Payment of Purchases 

To pay for your purchases, you can either use your credit or debit cards or use does not store any of user’s credit card numbers. When paying using your card – with your Visa, MasterCard or American Express – rest assured it will securelytransferredover the Internet. We ensure to transfer your payment in secure encryption and strict banking standards. 

We send your card details directly to the bank, which no other bank can read or access except does not charge extra costs for your payments using your card. However, depending on the car and bank you use, you may have additional free charged by the bank. Remember that as soon as you paid using your card, the starting conditions apply the moment of the payment’s approval. Our bank reserves the right to cancel your order if failure to receive payment after a certain period. 


All the prices you see in the website include Value Added Tax based on the applicable laws. Please remember that if your order’s shipment is to an address outside of the US, there are taxes and import duties to which it may be subject, which the Customs collect when your shipment reaches the delivery address. 

You are responsible for the payment of these taxes and import does not hold any control over the taxes and tariff charges, as different countries have different import laws and charges. As such, we cannot predict how much they will charge. It will be your responsibility to know about these charges and pay for them. It is advisable that you contact local customs office in your area about this matter. 

Ordering will likely report cases of orders made using another person’s name without the consent of the person to proper authorities. The company has the right to change prices in the site, correct if there are incorrect prices on any orders and correct prices in the final sales. If your order’s price is incorrect, we may feel compelled to cancel thus order. We will refund any amount paid in the best way possible. 

In cases of product that became discontinued, holds the right of cancelling the order and providing the customer of a refund of the amount paid. If there is available replacement or any equivalent product, can and will notify the customer in case he or she wishes to avail. 

Product holds the right for adjusting prices, specifically on additional costs, product offers as well as changes in product information, including product pictures, even without notice. The available product information and images reflect the product as best as possible. Our company reserves the right if there are any errors appearing on the page. 

We cannot guarantee the product’s accuracy that they each reflect the products’ true appearance. Depending on the settings of the computer or device used in accessing the website, the pictures’ look may differ. We also do not guarantee the correct appearance and physical characteristics of the product as they all should be seen only as illustrations. 

Rights on Intellectual Property owns the rights on intellectual property, including copyright and trademarks as well as all materials published on this website. Any use website and its content, whether storing or copying, in part or whole, is prohibited without our permission, unless for personal or non-commercial use. 

User Content website includes user-generated content for social media does not claim any ownership rights to any of these user-generated contents nor do we take any legal responsibility for them. If you suspect a violation of copyright or any rights on the use of these contents, please contact our customer service. 

Fraud holds any right of canceling a purchase if there is suspicion of an attempt at fraud on orders from the website that are reported to the authorities. 

Laws and Jurisdiction 

The US law governs the terms and use of this website. To the extend in which this law permits, the United States courts have exclusive jurisdiction to any dispute that may appear based on the terms of use and the customer’s use of the website. This will be subject’sright to prosecute any customer or website user at their place of residence. 

Termination holds the right to terminate a user’s account as well as his or her of the website at the company’s sole discretion. If, for instance, suspects that a user broke this Terms of Use, it can terminate the user account even without prior notice. 

Amendments has the right to revise and amend this Terms of Use at any time. With that, whenever you order a product from the site, the current conditions in force during your purchase applies to the contract and you. Thus, regularly visiting this Terms of Use page is important to review the current and new terms to which you will be bound whenever you purchase